The boys from Sheffield, England are making a return to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Def Leppard will be live at The US Cellular Center, on Monday, October 10th.

The band performed at this venue back in 1999. Back then it was called The Five Seasons Center. By the way, what is that fifth season??? I digress.

I was at the show that night on a work assignment. We were conducting interviews with members of the road crew for a local television program. It was my first time backstage at a big time rock and roll show. I was so excited to go behind the scenes and check everything out. We were there for most of the day, we watched the sound check and even hung out with the band. It was pretty cool.

After the show, Def Leppard left the arena quickly. The stage hands were busy tearing down the stage and the fans were making their way to the exits. My crew and I still had our backstage passes and we didn't want to go home. We quickly made friends with Dokken, the opening band that night. They had a much smaller dressing room, but it was filled with deli trays and beer. It was perfect, absolutely perfect. What a great way to end the night. We ate, drank and hung out with one of the best washed up acts in the business.

This time around, Tesla and Reo Speedwagon will open the show. What a fantastic line up of great rock and roll. All of the info is available at

What Def Leppard song do you want to hear that night? Besides the obvious hits, comment below and tell us what song you hope they will play. We'll talk about your answers on the KRNA morning show, with me - Jaymz Larson!