The first snowfall of 2019 is upon us and while parents are busy shoveling driveways and sidewalks, kids are busting at the seams to go sledding on nearby hills of every size.

So just where are the best places for sledding in Cedar Rapids?

Reddit contributors say Bowman Hills is tops, Shawnee Park also gets the heads up and Roosevelt Hill is also terrific (but sledders warn you need to watch out for that shed at the bottom of the hill).

Another great choice would be Squaw Creek park on the city's far east side

One Reddit user asks "wouldn't it be cool if Mt. Trashmore were a giant sledding hill?"

Well, yeah! So how about it, City of Cedar Rapids? Why not make a sledding hill on Mt. Trashmore?

There's nothing more fun for a kid on winter day than to race down a snowy slope with the powdery fluff spraying up around you. In fact, it's just as much fun for the grown ups too!

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