The third episode of The Acolyte introduces viewers to a coven of Force-sensitive witches. But how do these characters connect to the witches previously seen on Star Wars: The Clone Wars and on the recent Star Wars: Ahsoka TV series? What makes one Force witch different from another?

In our latest Acolyte breakdown video, we’ll explain just where all these witches come from, how they are connected, and what makes this particular clan unique. We’ll also point out all of the Star Wars Easter eggs, hidden details, and little secrets you might have missed in this week’s episode, “Destiny.”

We’ll discuss the hierarchy of Osha and Mae’s coven, and how it could be inspired by real historical events and figures, we’ll explain how these characters are related to others seen in prior novels and stories set in The High Republic era of Star Wars, and we’ll show how this week’s episode might actually explain Palpatine’s return in The Rise of Skywalker. (Did you know that somehow he returned? Because he did.)

Watch our full episode analysis below:

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