Thanksgiving is the one holiday of the year in which we are supposed to give thanks for what we have: the people in our lives, our health, the luxuries we can afford, and even the ones we can only dream of.

I'm not saying we can't be thankful and appreciative during the other holidays, but the fact is the purpose of Thanksgiving (as it says in the name) is to be thankful. What's ironic is the fact that we almost completely neglect and practically skip the holiday altogether.

It seems the only reason we even recognize Thanksgiving anymore is so that we can remember when Black Friday is and so we know how many more days there are until Christmas (in case you're wondering, it's 45 days).

Not This Year!

This year we are going to remember and recognize Thanksgiving for what it truly is, a fantastic holiday!

So be thankful for the people, the food, the traditions (old and new), and the history. And be ready to revamp Thanksgiving to all its former glory!

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