During the month of November, KRNA has the chance for you to win $10,000 with our Cash Cow.

That got me to thinking: How could a person spend ten grand in Cedar Rapids? A Top Ten list seemed appropriate:

  1. Buy a round for the entire bar at every bar in town.
  2. Buy every item off the drive-thru menu at each fast food chain in town.
  3. Invest in a pyramid scheme disguised as a legitimate business.
  4. Buy every item of Affliction apparel from the mall retailers.
  5. Tan ten times a day for a year? (I'm not sure of the cost of tanning sessions, so this is a blind guess.)
  6. Schedule two hair appointments a day for a year? (Like tanning, I'm unaware of salon prices. Cedar Rapidians seem really infatuated with salons and hairdressing, though.)
  7. Buy a still-standing flood house.
  8. Attend every show at the US Cellular Center for a year.
  9. Provide seed money for a smoke-free casino.
  10. The best and least satirical option: Donate it all to a worthy charity, like the Salvation Army or Cedar Valley Humane Society.

Any of these options could be yours! Just enter KRNA's Cash Cow Contest.

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