As we close out the month of February this week, I think back to the month's most famous holiday...Valentines Day and it brings to mind all the things we love that are made right here in Iowa. 

We absolutely love Verena Street Coffee and Betty Jane Candies from Dubuque, and the Jolly Time Popcorn of central Iowa.

But they just scratch the surface and don't even make it in this top ten list posted in USA Love List. Here's what they had to say about Rada Cutlery Knives:

Since Iowa’s Rada Knives was established in 1948, professional chefs and home cooks alike have recognized 100-percent American-made Rada cutlery as “something special.”

Seems like everyone loves a good knife. And it's easy to understand why Blue Bunny Ice Cream is a top favorite. But you should check out the rest of the list for yourself and see some of the many products we call "home-grown".

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