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[Watch] Iowa Couple’s Hilarious Wedding Switch Goes Viral
I recently found a Waterloo couple who work as event videographers together. Tyler and Madelyn Vande Lune are a filmmaking team that creates lovely wedding videos.

In October of last year, this team captured another Iowa couples' special day. Sydney and Brady tied the knot in Nora Springs.
WATCH: Eastern Iowa Cow Drops By Starbucks
This outing involves Mason, Gucci, and Starbucks. The duo pulled up into the drive thru, and immediately started to get some strange looks. However, it was the coffee shop staff that were somehow keeping calm as they grabbed their phones to capture the whole thing.
Grimes, Iowa Family Dash Cam Captures Derecho [WATCH]
One family from Iowa shared their first-hand experience with the storm, and it went viral. In August of 2020 this mother, Brooke Porter, took her kids with her on a few errands in Grimes, Iowa. Porter was on her way to pick something up from Facebook marketplace when the storm hit.