Giant Chunk of Ice Falls Through Wisconsin Roof (PHOTOS)
A 12.6-pound chunk of ice crashed through the bedroom ceiling of a home in western Wisconsin earlier this week. Where did it come from? No one seems to know. The homeowner in Elk Mound (located west of Eau Claire) said that the ice ball actually brushed his body as it fell through, and it caused more than $1,000 of damage to the home. Appar...
Man Ice Skates in Underwear — Wait for It….
Last week, The Netherlands was been hit by its first major snowstorm in a decade, as much as a foot of fresh snow fell in some areas. The snowstorm was followed by bitter cold, allowing residents to venture out onto frozen ponds, lakes, and canals to do some ice skating...
Bicycle With Circular Saw Blades as Tires
An engineer with The Q removed the bike tires and the spokes from a bicycle and fitted it with circular saw blades. Would you call this an ICEcycle? He then took the machine out onto a frozen lake to test it out.    

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