There's a phenomenon that happens every year, where holidays seem to start earlier and earlier. Halloween candy and supplies are out by Labor Day and Christmas starts on or before Halloween. Black Friday is advertised well before Thanksgiving, which ironically tends to get a bit lost in all the holiday shuffle. If you've ever wanted an official term for this early jump on the holidays, we now have one, thanks to LifeZette: It's called "Christmas creep".

As you've noticed, our Christmas music season has been well underway here at KDAT since November 15. We've had nice weather, so it may not have felt quite like Christmas so far, but that's about to change. Regardless of when radio stations start playing Christmas songs, retail stores have most likely already beaten us by at least a couple weeks. The LifeZette article also cites polls that say shoppers will walk out of stores if Christmas music is playing too early for their taste. As usual, it's a matter of maximizing profit and/or ratings for us, but not everyone likes it.

31 percent of people surveyed said they enjoy the jump on Christmas music in stores "a lot", while another 31 percent said they enjoy it "some". 34 percent say they don't like it much, if it all.

We've appreciated your positive response to our holiday music kickoff and hope you'll stay with us during and after the Christmas season. Feel free to share your thoughts on Christmas creep in the comments.

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