Great news for us skiers here in Eastern Iowa!

According to KWWL, "While many people may be tempted to stay cooped up in their homes, the staff at Sundown Mountain Ski Resort are embracing this year's early snow."

Sundown, located in Dubuque, opened their doors this weekend. The KWWL article indicated this was one of the earliest opening dates in its history.

If ask me, this is great news! I'm from Minnesota, so I started skiing at a very young age. When I moved to Iowa, I fell in love with the slopes at Sundown and try to make the short trip from Cedar Rapids at least once a year.


Sundown hopes to keep the slopes open until at least March if the snow keeps falling. And from what the Farmer's Almanac is showing us, that should be no problem!

To learn more about Sundown, check out their official web page at this link.

[Source: KWWL]

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