Do you remember a couple of years ago when the Trump Administration tried to ban TikTok? That was a bit outlandish, but, it could have prevented idiots from being... well, idiots. Now TikTok themselves is banning a challenge. One that's quite popular in the Hawkeye State as it involves a dairy product - well, of sorts anyway.

TikTok is banning the Milk Crate Challenge

Before we get to how TikTok is or can ban something, it's important to know how the challenge works. First off, stack milk crates at different ascending/descending heights, and then the victim, erm, TikToker tries to walk across the crates. The middle one is usually seven crates high. In other words, it's a pretty long way to fall. As you might imagine, most people do indeed go tumbling down.

Here are some brave (dumb?) souls trying it (warning, some videos have bad words):

His head... his head...

This one keeps you in suspense, but then...

While it is certainly a popular trend, and these types of dumb challenges cemented TikTok's popularity, the company has still, very wisely, gone ahead and banned it. In a brief statement regarding the #MilkCrateChallenge, TikTok said,

(The milk crate challenge) promotes or glorifies dangerous acts. ...(users should) exercise caution in their behavior, whether online or off.

It's dangerous for sure. Entertaining as all get out, but dangerous. But lest we forget, a couple of years back there was the stupid and senselessly dangerous "Tide Pod Challenge". Some people actually called for banning TIDE PODS over that one. At least this time we're trying to ban the challenge and not the item(s) involved. Also, Tide Pods taste awful. Just saying... Not because I tried one, P.S.

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