Remember the scene in Beverly Hill Cop when Eddie Murphy tells the restaurant waiter to relay the news about his doctor's test results to the suspect that is dining there?

It's the kind of news no one wants to deliver, but I'm here to tell you the STDs are on the rise in Iowa.

As painful as it may be, you need to know this is a burning issue that needs to be treated...seriously.

CBS 2 News reports Iowa is seeing an increase in cases that the CDC is very concerned about. And you should be too. No one wants that kind of reputation.

In 2017, the Iowa Department of Public Health shows there were 13,895 cases of chlamydia and 3,758 cases of gonorrhea in Iowa. 2018's numbers show a 5.8% increase in chlamydia numbers and a 28.3% increase in gonorrhea cases.

"We had over 1500 cases here in Linn County of chlamydia and over 450 cases of Gonorrhea," said Heather Meador the Linn County Public Health's clinic branch supervisor. 

Best advice: Wrap that rascal!

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