According to WHO-TV, "Iowa State Fair officials say attendance numbers are down this year by nearly 8,000 compared to last year."

The numbers as of Friday were around 897,000 people that attended the fair this year. Last year at this time, that number was nearly 905,000. If you ask me, it's just flat. We're only talking about 7,000 or so people.

I made it to the fair last weekend and had an absolute blast! I ate a corndog, rode a few rides, drank some fresh squeezed lemonade and saw some old friends that I hadn't seen in years!

If I had to pick my favorite part of the Iowa State Fair, I would say the FREE entertainment. This year it didn't cost a dime to see Hairball, Faster Pussycat, Queensryche and the Iron Maiden's!

I'm told the average person spends around $100 at the fair. I spent a LITTLE BIT more than that..... but I also spent 3 hours in the beer garden.

I can't wait till next year!

[Source: WHO-TV]

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