Football is a contact sport and injuries are bound to happen. I remember missing a complete season in High School due to a broken ankle. It was hard to sit on the sideline while my friends were competing....but, if it happens, that's football.

As far as injuries go, things have really gotten bad at Starmont High School. According to KCRG, "Superintendent Troy Heller says the Starmont High School Homecoming game will be cancelled due to a low number of players."

The team started the season with 22 players but with injuries only have 13 able to play. Heller told KCRG that one of the players has a concussion and some of the other injuries are longer term.

Homecoming is always one of the biggest games of the season for High School players and fans. I feel bad about the unfortunate turn of events for the Starmont Football team.I sure hope things will improve so they can finish the season with no more forfeits.

[Source: KCRG]

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