It's takes a special person to admit when they're wrong.

Scott Tallman doesn't seem to be that person.

Tallman is now speaking up (after skipping town) following his dismissal from the Go Cedar Rapids organization. And he isn't apologizing.

In the Nov. 1 Gazette, journalist B.A. Morelli reported Scott saying "(the) people of Cedar Rapids involved in this (need to) grow up and take a look in the mirror. The idea this is Scott’s folly is insane" 

Scott's comments came a day after another former Go Cedar Rapids staffer Taylor McGurk, the director of destination development, revealed scorching details in a public Facebook post, on how many troubling red flags were ignored or dismissed during the planning stages of "newbo evolve"

While Tallman expressed that his job was to follow the dictate of the city, and that he was urged by Go CR to create a "game changer" and a "signature event", McGurk's details show plenty of concern and words of caution, given on several topics over several time frames.

Go CR has shuttered its doors after it lost over $2 million on the "newbo evolve" event.

I think it was a bold move for Taylor to come forward with inside details that have answered many of the questions which left us wondering where the breakdown occurred.

It's not so much about assigning blame, but rather a cautionary tale of how to understand that things can get off-track quickly, especially when we refuse to take things at face value and instead let irrational exuberance lead us down a wrong path.

You can read more here of what Scott had to say in the Gazette, and find Taylor's Facebook comments here.

[source: GazetteFacebook]

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