How are you handling the post-Super Bowl hangover today, both literally and figuratively?

This day always brings forth the question: should the Monday after the Super Bowl be a holiday to let everyone off work? In my opinion, no. It actually got over at a reasonable hour last night, and knowing I had to work the next day, I still went to bed before it ended and didn't go out and go crazy.

I'm struggling today simply because it's Monday, but according to a new survey, 44 percent of people say yes, it should be a paid holiday. 52 percent have used a vacation day for the day after the Big Game, while 39 percent have used a sick day.

Many people said they expected to show up for work but would be late, less productive or need more coffee--all things that could simply be chalked up to a typical Monday.

Should the rest of us have to cater to people who decided to stay up late and party it up while we were planning ahead, sacrificing and being responsible for knowing what faced us the next day? No. But, that's just one man's opinion. Talk to me again when the Bears actually make it to the Super Bowl again.

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