I attended a funeral yesterday for a dear friend of mine who recently passed away. The service was held at a Catholic church in Marion. The priest did a wonderful job and it was a beautiful service.

I've been a part of the Lutheran church my entire life. So when it was time for communion at the Catholic funeral service, I was at a crossroads. Should I take the sacrament, stay in my seat or walk forward for a blessing from the father. I was confused and wasn't sure what to do.

I know the rules of communion in the Catholic church, but I've never really understood them. **Catholics don't allow non-catholics to take part in the communion process. This has always bothered me. I may not be a Catholic, but I am a Christian! Why shouldn't I be able to take part in this ritual in THEIR church? This rule doesn't seem fair...would God want it this way?

I attend church at First Lutheran in downtown Cedar Rapids. Before we take communion, Pastor Craig invites "everyone to the table." It's an open invitation to all Christians that want to eat the body and blood of the Holy Spirit. I love that my church welcomes all denominations and I feel the we should all be on the same page.

Why must there be this divide? All I wanted to do was ask for forgiveness, say a prayer for my friend who was about to be buried and take communion. I should never have to feel this type of anxiety when I step foot in a church. It should be the opposite. The church is a place to be at peace with yourself and with God.

I had several thoughts go through my head before I made my decision. Do I abstain? Do I just go up and receive a blessing? I was overcome with emotions and I needed to make up my mind. But why should I feel like this? I mean, come on. I'm at a funeral for a friend. I just want to be like the rest of the congregation and take part in this portion of the service.

I thought about it and finally made my decision. I walked up and took communion in a Catholic church. At first I felt bad for breaking the rules of the church. What would God think of my decision? Would he be mad? Did I do something wrong and do I need to ask him for forgiveness?

The more I thought about it, the more I felt that I had made the right decision. I wanted to take communion and I did. I wasn't trying to disrespect the church in any way. I really wasn't and I want people to know that. I was just trying to worship and say goodbye to a friend that was hopefully sitting right next to me....in spirit.

I'd like to ask what you think. Was it wrong for me to take part in communion as a Lutheran in a Catholic Church?

Comment below and we can discuss your answers!

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