A witness tells me, and Cedar Rapids Police have confirmed, a case of shoplifting by masked suspects Wednesday, January 9 at the Cedar Rapids Sam's Club on Blairs Ferry Road N.E. The witness says it was "straight up full cart shoplifting... I'd call it more of a robbery."

The witness tells me they arrived at Sam's Club at approximately 12:10 p.m. Here's what they say happened:

As I was walking toward the store, I noticed a man walking away from the store wearing either a cold weather face mask or bandana around his face, which struck me as odd.

Then, after I was thru the front door, I was nearly run over by another guy with a bandana, pushing a loaded cart very fast out the 'in' doors. He nearly ran three other people over while the lady at the door yelled at him to stop. Once he was out the doors, he ran pushing the cart to the truck. I ran out after him, trying to get my camera open on my phone. They swiftly tossed the entire contents of the cart in the back of the truck and pulled away as fast as possible.

The witness says the suspects, wearing bandanas, appeared to be two white males. One was 6-foot or taller and the other estimated at around 5-foot 10... the shorter suspect appeared to be a little thinner, though "neither was heavy." They both were wearing big coats.

Thank you to the witness for taking pictures of the suspects' vehicle and calling Cedar Rapids Police, who continue to investigate. The witness says,

I had the sense to do my moral and civil obligation to our community. If we don’t start taking the time of getting involved, the criminals win. Hopefully, they get caught and we, the good people, win!!

Below are the photos taken by the witness as the suspects' black pickup drove off. If you recognize the vehicle or have any information that would help Cedar Rapids Police, please call 286-5491 or Linn County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-CS-CRIME.

Photo submitted to KHAK
Photo submitted to KHAK
Photo submitted to KHAK