Chalk this one up to Mother Nature.

ROCKtoberfest was scheduled for this Saturday, October 5th at Veteran's Memorial Stadium in Cedar Rapids. Earlier today, festival organizers notified us that the show will be cancelled. Unfortunately, there will be no ROCKtoberfest this year.

We're all SUPER bummed here at the radio station, as we were looking forward to this outdoor concert. The reason for the cancellation is weather. It looks wet all week and it doesn't get any better on Saturday. Organizers decided it would be best to cancel now, so people can make other plans.

No word yet on refunds, but as soon as we find more out more information I'll update this blog. If you were planning on attending, I'm very sorry for the bad news!

If you want to see the Evan Stock Band this weekend, they have a gig this Friday at Dirty Shirley's in Cedar Rapids. I plan to check them out and enjoy some cold beers in the Czech Village!

I hope to see you there and again, I'm sorry for the bad news!

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