With warmer weather finally returning, it's the absolute worst time to be stuck indoors under quarantine.

But it's not all bad news. Some people believe this could be your relationship's finest hour..,but it's going to take work.

British couples therapist Andrew Marshall told the Daily Mail that now is the time to rip up the relationship rule book, and instead try to think and do things differently.

How Not to Go Crazy Over Your Partners' Annoying Habits while under Lockdown

Three of his top tips for staying level include:

Fight Fear with Love: Not easy to do, but if I can remember to pause and breath deeply before I react to something it will help lessen my negativity.

Find the Right Boundaries: Makes sense, so I'll be in here if you need me....just don't forget to check in every now and then.

Stay in the Present: Even though we are only at the doorstep of this crisis, remember this is temporary. The best way through it is simply one day at a time.

source: Daily Mail

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