We say it with pride, Cedar Rapids is a factory town. These companies provide good jobs at dozens of plants and shops of various sizes. If you're looking for work, we hope this list of Top Fifteen Factories helps as a great resource for you to pursue your goal.

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    D&S Sheetmetal

    D&S Sheetmetal

    Founded in 1986, D&S Sheetmetal is a second generation family owned business. They are a union sheet metal contractor that fabricates and installs HVAC systems, dust collection systems, platforms and exterior sheet metal. Like many of the factories here, the company is also community-minded, supporting many local organizations and causes.

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    American Profol

    American Profol

    There are only a couple local reviews on Indeed.com for Profol with one person commenting that the pay is great, and another former worker saying he would choose to work there again.

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    J.-Rettenmaier-USA scores a 3.0 overall on Indeed.com. The company does research, development and processing of high-quality, functional organic fibers.

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    Raining Rose

    Raining Rose of Cedar Rapids

    Raining Rose is a younger hometown hero of a company that makes a variety of products including lip balms and lotions. They score a 3.0 on Indeed.com as a great place to work.

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    Heinz Kraft

    Heinz Kraft in Cedar Rapids

    Heinz may be another one of the smaller plants in Cedar Rapids, but it still scores a 3.4 on Indeed.com as being a really good place to work. Hunt's will never ketchup.

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    Alliant Energy

    Alliant Energy of Cedar Rapids

    Technically not a factory, but a utility company, Alliant Energy is a Madison-based employer that scores 3.5 stars in reviews on Indeed.com.

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    International Paper

    International Paper of Cedar Rapids

    Scoring 3.7 stars from their employees on Indeed.com is International Paper. It's massive sized plant on C St. SW stands in the shadow of Cedar Rapids' giant water tower off Hwy 30.

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    Collins Aerospace

    Collins Aerospace

    Drop the 'Rockwell', add the 'Aerospace'...Collins truly is Cedar Rapids and vice versa. Indeed.com employee reviews gives tech giant Collins a 3.7 star rating as a great place to work.

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    Cargill in Cedar Rapids

    The company is currently seeking city approval to develop a 12 track rail yard in Rompot neighborhood. Cargill scores a strong 3.9 from employee reviews on Indeed.com.

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    General Mills

    General Mills in Cedar Rapids

    Makers of Cheerios and Lucky Charms, the General Mills plant scores 3.9 stars from workers on Indeed.com. A new union contract was recently ratified, and that should help boost that score even higher.

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    Ingredion of Cedar Rapids

    Local employee reviews on Indeed.com give Ingredion a big score of 4.0 stars on being a great place to work in Cedar Rapids.

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    Dupont in Cedar Rapids

    Founded long ago in 1802, Dupont is the company that developed nylon, Teflon and Kevlar, It scores a 4.0 on Indeed.com for being a great place to work in Cedar Rapids

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    Archer Daniels Midland

    ADM Corn Processing

    Another one of the biggest employers in Cedar Rapids, it's also one of the highest rated factories in Linn County. ADM gets a strong 4.2 score from employees on Indeed.com.

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    Quaker Oats

    Quaker Oats Pepsico

    One of Cedar Rapids most visible and oldest employers, and one of the best ranked in our Top Fifteen. Quaker Oats scores a big 4.2 stars on Indeed.com. We love to smell the crunch berries baking.

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    Red Star Yeast

    Red Star Yeast Company

    Opened in 2006 in Cedar Rapids, the Red Star Yeast plant is a joint venture of Lesaffre and ADM. It scores a powerful 4.4 stars for being a great place to work in Cedar Rapids, and that ranks it as #1 in our Top Fifteen Factories in Cedar Rapids. Congratulations!