CBS2 News reports some Iowans are really pissed that riders are whizzing by and whizzing on their lawns. See for yourself in this video posted on Facebook:

It seems to me that riders should be able to find plenty of places to relieve themselves without having to resort to urinating in public and on people’s lawns.

Residents of Adair, Iowa and other towns have reported dozens of riders going to the bathroom out in the open… And not just 'number one'...Ewwww.

One resident said he called the police and was told the cops had about 15 other similar complaints. In other locations, the numbers rise.

Of course not all the riders behave this poorly. There are many who behave, but it’s those few who have no respect that ruin it for everyone.

RAGBRAI continues through the week ending on Saturday in Keokuk Iowa.

The director of RAGBRAI was quoted in the Des Moines Register saying "those who break the law should be punished’s unfortunate that a few bad apples would ruin a really good event."

via Des Moines Register, CBS2 News

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