According to KCCI, "Another Iowa town says it has way too many cats, but it needs YOUR help with crowd control. This is breaking news....I repeat, BREAKING NEWS!

The city of Vinton is begging residents to set traps to capture the little creatures. Apparently, the town is too small to have animal control. They want the citizens to bring the cats to a local veterinarian after they are caught. They really want these cute little guys and gals off the mean streets of Vinton.

With so many cats, Vinton is now on the verge of becoming the Cat Capital of Iowa. It's a dream for "Crazy Cat Ladies" all over the state, who are now visiting the Benton County community in droves just to get a glimpse at the furry felines.

One of my sources did tell me the cats are very cute and lovey. You can hear purrs throughout the night and residents haven't spotted a mouse in months. People seem to be much happier and crime is at an all-time low. Is this problem after all? You've got to be kitten me!

I plan to drive up tonight with my cat Squeaks. He deserves a night out on the town...even though I'm still mad he voted for Hillary Kitten.

[Source: KCCI]


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