Crowd welcomes can be our friend or they can be our enemy.Depends on what you are packing in terms of vocal content and prize outlays. It was my intention on Saturday night to boot barefoot field goals with former Wartburg kicker and current Titans front-office dude Eric George. During pre-game we came to the conclusion that we wouldn't have enough time to stretch. So, I went with the easier motion: the play that never happens on IFL turf, the punt.

KRNA Night at the Cedar Rapids Titans was a blast. We played the Barnstormers in the innaugural "Iowa Bowl." In their first IFL game, Iowa was throttled by the Titans, 51-20.  I nearly throttled an unsuspecting Titans fan...

The idea was to hit a nice lofty spiral up into the upper deck. A bad drop produced a line-drive missile. Happened a few times back at Chalmers Field. Coverage guys hate those. Glad that guy protected his kids with a great catch on that flare.

Next time, I will punt it the length of the field and into the section where "Balloon Man" was doing the wave. This guy stole the show. He would've one-handed the punt and not missed a beat on his marathon wave session. You can't beat fun at the old indoor football park.

This Saturday night, the defending IFL champion Sioux Falls Storm come to Mediacom Field. Keep your eyes on the 94 Zone for an appearance later this week by Mr. Free Ticket Digital Man. Click "Use Points" and let him slide you free tickets and merch.

It's payback time for our Titans as we try to avenge the post-season loss from last year. Game time is 7:50, sans punting.