Black Friday brings a whole new difficulty level when it comes to shopping. Once a year millions of Americans storm stores to best utilize their paychecks to satisfy their families. Is there a formula to beat the system? Here are some quick tips to making Black Friday as bruise free as possible.


  • 1

    Plan Ahead

    Saying "Lets see if so and so is having a sale!" may result in sold out items and lines around the block. It always helps to plan ahead. Check out your favorite retailers website for store hours. Know your stops and plan your trips accordingly from Kohls to Homegoods, and so on. Map out your best route.

    Tip: Best buy is known to have campers the night before. Kohls, Gordmans and Target usually have similar situations with camping item deals.

  • 2

    Pace Yourself

    There are plenty of stores to go around, so don't worry about swiping up all the deals in one spot. It is okay to be picky and find that perfect gift for your weird uncle Michael, instead of the waffle iron you think he deserves.

    Tip: Rather than calling, search online for "pick up in store" before hand  to avoid phone hold times and see if items you want are still around.

  • 3

    Wait it Out: Shop Online

    Over the past few years, shoppers have wised up to the hands down easiest way to take advantage of sales-- the wondrous internet. Many companies have modernized and made it even easier to absorb your hard earned cash. Keep in mind, many leftover items will still be around for round 2...a.k.a. Cyber Monday.

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    Stay Calm

    This ties in to step 3. Remember Cyber Monday is right around the corner. Still have a few nieces and nephews to buy some Star Wars Legos for? There's always the internet. Christmas is about giving and loving. Sure companies have capitalized on it as well, but it is what you make it.