It's hard to gamble right now.

Casinos are closed, you can't find a card game to save your life, and even church bingo games are on hold due to the pandemic.

But if you really want to gamble, you've always got the Iowa Lottery. The odds suck and you're probably not going to win, but it's a way to get your fix. And if you looking at the numbers, the Powerball jackpot is worth playing right now.

With no winners the last few weeks,  the big prize is now over $77 million dollars. I bought two tickets on Saturday night, but I didn't match one number. But then again, I'm very unlucky when it comes to those games.

I talked to a gentleman buying lottery tickets the other day at Casey's. He told me, "I play the Pick 3 and the Pick 4. You have better odds and you can win up to $3,500 on a straight box ticket with the 4 number game."

The guy has a good point, the odds of wining the Powerball are like 1 in 292,201,338. The best I ever did was 4 out of 6 a few years ago. It didn't pay much and I never got that close again.

Either way, I'll still buy a ticket on Wednesday. It's only a $2 investment and like I said, it's the only gambling we have at this point.

If you play, good luck!

Let's just hope the next winner is from the great state of Iowa.

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