The Powerball is's swelling ladies and gentleman!

If you win the drawing this Wednesday, you'll take home a cool $258 million. That's right, almost $300 million for a two dollar winning ticket!

I'm not much of a lottery player, but I need to make a small investment and purchase a few tickets this week. I mean, with that kind of cash, I'd never have to write another blog as long as I live!

We can all dream, I guess. But honestly, I'd probably stay at my job and continue to host The KRNA Morning Show. After all, it's the job I've always wanted and I love going to work each and every day!

I would, however, arrive everyday in a limo and I wouldn't work past noon. After all, I'd be a millionaire and there's lot of golf to be played!

The drawing is this Wednesday, January 8th, so be sure to get your tickets!!

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