In Illinois, police discover an illegal cannabis store.

This legal marijuana thing might work out in Illinois. Alright, I'm just being sarcastic. Yes, it's worked out great.

People have mixed reactions. Some enjoy the fact that they don't have to sneak around and be shady to partake in their hobby. Others aren't satisfied. They believe it's too expensive and the lines are too long. You can't please all the people all the time. Those unhappy folks say they will still make purchases through their "person." Of course, if you don't go through the proper channels. It's still considered an illegal activity.

Apparently, some citizens don't understand the new marijuana laws. They think that legal is a blanket statement. Unfortunately, that will get them in trouble. Here's what not to do.

According to,

"Three people were arrested Wednesday after Elmhurst police executed a search warrant at an unlicensed marijuana business, according to a police report. Police said they learned that the business sold marijuana to walk-in customers, including a youth, at 231 W. Wrightwood Ave., which is in an industrial park. According to the report, 68 pounds of edible marijuana, 7 pounds of marijuana flower, 1 pound of marijuana concentrate, and a loaded handgun were found."

I think the term is dealer. If you are interested in the pot business, please apply for a license. It is much easier than going to jail.

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