A Texas woman has brought out all of her skeletons for a Halloween display in the front yard of her home in Texas.

Angela Nava's 'Pole-Dancing Skeletons' have drawn a lot of complaints and now the Homeowner's Association has sent her a letter saying that she has 30 days to remove the display. (FYI: Halloween is just days away. I doubt she'll have the "Halloween display" dancing in her yard by Thanksgiving)

It features skeletons on poles, skeletons holding cash, a skeleton bouncer, and skeletons sitting on the laps of skeleton patrons.

According to ABC13, the homeowner said:

"It's modeled after an adult club. Every night, we change the positions of the skeletons, and it's really been just a great creative outlet for me."


The idea of her stripped-down display came to her during the pandemic, saying;

"We've just decided if this brings a little bit of joy and a little bit of smiles to someone, then we're doing everything right."

But apparently, it's not all smiles from her neighborhood.



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