As an essential worker who travels through the Med Quarter regularly, I wanted to share these photos with you.

It is the sight of hearts and window messages of love and support for our community's health care workers.

In fact it is a tribute to all our essential workers, from the front-line first responders to the kitchen and clean up crews who scrub and sanitize.

We may never see you in action, but we are deeply moved by your dedication and selflessness during this time of crisis.

It is because you are willing to show up and suit up that we are able to stay safe, working from home. Because of you, we are taking care of our families and ourselves, while you put your life on the line and risk infection so we won't have to.

To show you our appreciation, we promise to practice safe distancing, proper hygiene, and social responsibility to the best of our ability. Frankly, it is the least we can do to show our support. You deserve that much, and so much more.

Med Quarter Tributes to Health Care Workers

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