I'm just going to dive right into this story...... because there's just no other way to do this.

According to The Smoking Gun, a Florida woman named Alex DiReeno offered to perform a sex act for a man Tuesday night outside of a gas station. Unfortunately, this situation is not uncommon. What IS uncommon was the payment she asked for. This is when the story gets weird.

She asked her "customer" for $25 in exchange for sex ......but she also wanted some Chicken McNuggets. That's right, twenty-five dollars, and an order of McNuggets.

Alex wanted the nuggets (and the cash) upfront, but before she could get either the nuggets or the money, she was arrested because the man she offered her services to was an undercover cop!

Arrested AND no nuggets?! Now that's just a bad day.

[Source: The Smoking Gun]

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