Ask any homeowner, myself included if they take pride in their yard. Inevitably, the answer is a quick and firm yes.

I know I love a good-looking yard and, while I may sometimes dread mowing it, it also feels so good to see the results after, and they know others will see it too as they drive, walk, or bike by. I also live on a very popular street for walkers and bikers, so it's doubly important for us to have a nice yard.

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So why is it that the very town I live in, Cedar Falls, is encouraging its homeowners to not mow their grass this May? Well, there's a good reason... I suppose.

Long grass is the bee's knees?

According to a Courier story, the reason Cedar Falls Mayor Rob Green (a fitting last name, no?) wanted to pursue the findings of a study titled "No Mow May lawns have higher pollinator richness and abundances: An engaged community provides floral resources for pollinators."

The measure, which passed the Cedar Falls city council on a 6-1 vote, will allow residents to let their lawns grow and grow for 31 days. The city will, in turn, suspend the rule that disallows residents to have grass and/or weeds reach lengths of over eight inches in height.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

By not mowing your lawn and letting it grow, you'll be supporting bee pollination. If things go according to what the council hopes, more bees will come to residents' yards and pollinate.

The Courier story noted this program was started in Appleton, Wisconsin which is a larger city than Cedar Falls.

Will it work? Will many residents participate? I love seeing bees buzzing through our Cedar Falls backyard every spring and summer. I love seeing them in our large garden.

That said, we'll be mowing the lawn in May. Sorry lil' guys.

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