If your excuse for not using your blinker is because it's burned out and you haven't gotten around to fixing it yet or think you can't afford to, you have no more excuses. The Building Unity Linking Businesses for Safety (B.U.LB.S.) program returns with the Iowa City police partnering with the Human Rights Commission and area repair shops to provide vouchers toward fixing defective exterior vehicle lights.

It's an effort to keep the roads safer

It's important to have your lights working not only for aesthetic purposes but also for safety reasons. Iowa's News Now says you can stop by on Tuesday, August 10 at Riverfront Crossings Park from 3-7 p.m. and grab your voucher to take to participating locations to have all exterior lights, including broken headlight, taillight, brake lights, turn signals, and license plate lights checked out and fixed for free.

With the voucher, you'll receive a flier including the businesses participating, but some of the shops who have partnered in the past with ICPD on the B.U.L.B.S. program include Cermak Automotive, Dodge St. Tire & Auto, Iowa City Tire & Service, Linder Tire Services-Iowa City, Midas-Iowa City, Phil’s Repair, Skay Automotive, Tuffy-Iowa City, and Spenler Tire Services and Spenler Tire East..


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The sun still shines well past 8 p.m., unless it doesn't

It's summer and the daylight hours are still quite long so you may be thinking you're good on holding out to get these items fixed. Except for when the clouds roll in, and the fog and rain causing visibility issues. It could also cost you a fine if you're caught, so why not take advantage of this free program on Tuesday.

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