According to KWQC it is now confirmed that there are no COVID outbreaks reported in any long-term care facilities in Iowa. This is huge news for many seeing as though this is the first time we are seeing such a steep decline in cases since the beginning of the pandemic.

This is also great news since long- term care facilities provide residential care for people with disabilities and elderly individuals who cannot care for themselves. Meaning many people in these care facilities are considered high risk when it comes to COVID.

The great news doesn't stop there either. We have heard so many stories of residents, and family feeling so isolated and alone due to the no visitation policies in the facilities. As of last week, long-term care facilities began allowing indoor visitation again for all residents regardless of vaccination status of the resident or visitor. This is possible due to Iowa delivering vaccinations at long term care facilities all the way back in December.

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COVID has been a large source of fear in Iowa for residents. KWQC reported that in all, 2,223 residents have died from the virus in those facilities. The number of facilities with outbreaks peaked on December 3 with 169. The state has listed COVID-19 as the underlying cause of 5,060 of the reported deaths, while the virus was a contributing factor to over 600 of the reported deaths.

As of now, vaccine administration dashboard shows a total of 1,140,550 COVID-19 vaccines administered in the state of Iowa.

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