Nils Lofgren says he was told to “get lost” when he tried to take control of Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young’s work schedules.

It was a bid to deal with the split loyalties he has to the E Street Band and Crazy Horse, which left him having to decide which band to tour with in 2023. He told Rolling Stone that he made the difficult decision to go on the road with Springsteen, even though he’d love to help Young support his new album, World Record.

“Every time I call Neil’s manager and Bruce’s manager, I say, ‘Guys, I’m a half a century in. I paid some dues,'” Lofgren said. “‘Can you just let me create the schedules for Bruce and Neil for the next couple years, please?’ And they always tell me to get lost.”

He added that Springsteen “started booking shows and selling tickets for a tour next year. And then this Neil album happened and all this other stuff. I can’t get them to let me make the schedule. And so, sadly, I’m doing that tour. I talked to Neil about it. It bums me out, but I can’t be in two places at once.”

If Young decides to tour, Lofgren’s place may be taken by Promise of the Real’s Micah Nelson. Still, Lofgren can’t help but feel unhappy about it. “I’ve seen Promise of the Real play with Neil, and they’re fabulous,” he said, “But look, I just made this great record. I think it’s the best of the last three with Neil and Crazy Horse. It bums me out talking about being replaced for a tour. … It’s such a drag, man. It’s frustrating. But you know what? One day at a time.”

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