A Cedar Falls native is returning to the Cedar Valley with an exciting new venture.

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If you've been driving around Waterloo lately, you might have noticed a new business has opened up right on Kimball & San Marnan Drive. It's a new smoothie place called Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

It's ran and owned by Cedar Falls native Troy Greenwood. Three decades ago, he moved away, but ever since he retired a few years ago he's been wanting to get back to where his roots are.

Once Greenwood retired in 2020, he set out to open a business back in the area he called home. Located at 1039 Peoples Square in Waterloo, this smoothie spot is part of a large chain of eateries.

Reports claim that the staff at this new Tropical Smoothie location opened for business on August 4th. Their hours of operation are 7:00 AM ~ 9:00 PM, seven days a week.

Both the drive-thru AND the actual restaurant are both open during these hours.

In addition to smoothies, the business also offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a kid's menu. There's something for EVERYONE!

In a social media post from the city of Waterloo, the owner said that there was a reason that he chose smoothies.

“I wanted a clean environment that’s healthy for the sports and yoga crowd and all generations."

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