Neil Finn admitted was concerned about negative reactions from Lindsey Buckingham fans upon joining Fleetwood Mac.

The Crowded House frontman became part of the group along with Mike Campbell after Buckingham's acrimonious 2018 departure. In a recent BBC interview, Finn said: “I had no idea whether I was going to have a half a dozen Lindsey fans poking their tongues out. But that didn't happen, luckily. Only once did I have someone in the front row with a Lindsey T-shirt on, pointing at it in front of me.” He added, “[B]y halfway through the show they were jigging around like everyone else.”

To mark Finn's membership, Fleetwood Mac added classic Crowded House track “Don’t Dream It’s Over” to their set list, with Stevie Nicks telling audiences, “Songs like that only come along once in a lifetime.” Finn reflected: “She actually started off saying ‘once in a million years.’ I had to remind her that would include Mozart and the Beatles and Boyz II Men – but no, she was extremely generous with her praise for that song, and I was very grateful.”

He also confirmed that his Fleetwood Mac touring experience inspired him to reboot his own band, noting it gave him an “appreciation for what classic bands can mean, and how they can be re-imagined and freshened up.” Describing a lineup that includes his two sons alongside earlier members, Finn said, “We all gather as equals. I mean, if it's my song I'll always get the last say, but the hierarchy isn't as apparent as you might imagine, given the family dynamic. So I think we're blessed in that regard.”


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