Mike Ferris
Photo Depiction *NOT the actual house of turkeys*

The Wall Street Journal published a story last week of two Omaha, Nebraska families who are battling it out with over a dozen inflatable turkeys adoring their front yards.

It's a silly case of trying to out-do the neighbors that has escalated into a friendly but serious competition. It started off with just one decoration, but then was blown out of proportion (pun intended) when the other neighbor decided to add another, then another, then another...and you get the picture.

It reminds me of the National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation movies, and makes me wonder...why have we never been the Griswold's type of family?

Possibly because we're just too cheap to pay for all that stuff and even cheaper to keep the power running to keep them all inflated. Because you know what comes next are the Christmas decorations. And have you ever opened a January electric bill to see how much money keeping those lights on for 12+ hours a day will cost you?  It ain't cheap.

So, to those two Nebraska families battling it out for Turkey dominance, I say "enough already". The traffic driving through their once-quiet peaceful neighborhood should be reason enough to reconsider that perhaps a more humble display would be more appropriate. Just wait till the electric bill arrives!

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