A high-speed police pursuit ended tragically Tuesday night in rural York County Nebraska when a fleeing suspect smashed into the back of a vehicle at a train crossing, causing both the be struck and killed in the subsequent collision with the oncoming train. In addition, a police K-9 named Nitro was also killed.

The suspect stole a police cruiser containing the K-9

According to a KCCI report, 43-year old Joseph Stoltenberg initiated the police chase late Tuesday. As police pursued him, he was reportedly going over 100 miles per hour. Stoltenberg eventually stopped, but as law enforcement approached him, he stole a K-9 unit, with Nitro still inside, and took off. KCCI says the chase continued for about 30-minutes, at which time he drove into the back of a vehicle waiting for a passing train, causing both vehicles to strike the train.

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As a result, the suspect and the police dog were killed along with 31-year-old Kyle Ediger, an area teacher. According to the KCCI story, Ediger had been a math teacher at an area school for nine years and was also a well-liked boys basketball coach.

After the accident, word of the teachers passing spread quickly and tributes began to show up on social media.

Hampton Public Schools, where Ediger worked, released a short statement sayimg.

Mr. Kyle Ediger worked at Hampton Public School for the past 9 years, and was a valued and respected math teacher and coach. His unexpected death was a shock to our students and staff.


No others were injured in the crash.

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