WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter these properties. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

Ghost towns: One of the most fascinating reasons to road trip, in my opinion. The United States is a very young country, compared to so many others, but yet offers this amazing sense of nostalgia when it comes to a time just 100 or so years ago.

For me, the idea of visiting a ghost town is both appealing, and adventurous. Thinking of the stories left abandoned with the location. Imagine what life was once like when the town was flourishing. It's all very interesting.

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If you are like me and this appeals to you, you'll enjoy this experience. You'll see the buildings left standing in Roscoe, Nebraska. A town that was once a thriving railroad town. Located in western Nebraska, the town is now an unincorporated community that has a population of under 65.

Roscoe sign via Google Maps
Roscoe sign via Google Maps

One thing about those who still call Roscoe home, they've taken great care of the buildings. Unlike many ghost towns, the buildings remain in anywhere from okay to pretty good shape.

None are move-in ready, but most don't seem like a huge hazard. Let's take a look at the streets of Roscoe, as shot by Brick Immortar and shared on YouTube. You can see his full video below the photos.

While Brick Immortar does NOT attempt to enter any buildings, a reminder, please never enter abandoned buildings as it's trespassing and can be very dangerous. Even if they look stable, as most of the ones in Roscoe, it's not a smart idea.

Here we go!

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