An industrial fire at DPS Dental Prosthetic Services on Cedar Rapids Northeast side kept several Fire Departments busy on Saturday afternoon.

Photo: M Ferris

The fire at 1900 51st St. NE began around 1:00 pm and created huge plumes of black smoke that were visible for miles.

Photo: M Ferris

Firefighters contained the blaze from the hook and ladder truck with gallons of water pumped from nearby hydrants.

photo: M Ferris

DPS Dental Prosthetics is located between Window Depot and Thiesen’s store on 51st St. NE. There were no injuries reported. Onlookers and local TV News crews set up cameras in the Theisen's parking lot to captured video of the fire fighters at work trying to save the damaged building. The cause of the blaze has not yet been confirmed.

Saturday traffic was not adversely impacted on 51st St. as police cars and multiple fire trucks parked in the empty lot of the building.