I've seen several critics make a list of their Top Five Fire Songs. I never cared for most of the choices, so I made my own. Here we go, I hope you enjoy.

5: "Fire in the Hole"  Van Halen - Most people aren't familiar with this song. Neither David or Sammy sang it. A 1998 release with Gary Cherone on vocals. Not a hit, but I dug the tune. He was the singer of Extreme....remember???

4: "Fight Fire With Fire" Metallica - This was one of the first songs that got me into Metallica. A fast song with dark lyrics. It's hard to believe it was released in 1984 when I was just 8 years old.

3: "Burning Like a Flame" Dokken - I know what your thinking....Fire isn't in the title but I don't care. Flame, burning, you get it....A very cool MTV video and a great guitar solo. I saw these guys open for Def Leppard years ago at "The Five." We drank warm beer backstage till three in the morning.

2: "Fire Woman" The Cult - They were never one of my favorite bands, but what a great song. Released in 1989, it was a big part of my "formative years" as a young metal head in small town Minnesota. Never saw these guys live. I'm a failure.

1. "Firehouse" Kiss - This was an easy one. Kiss has always been one of my favorites and when you think of fire, you think of this song. I was -2 when this was released in 1974. That's right, I wasn't born yet. I discovered this song in the 7th grade. "Firehouse" has remained a concert staple and is regarded as one of the bands classic songs.

Let me know what you think! Comment below if you agree or disagree and we will discuss on the KRNA morning show. Have a great day fellow pyromaniacs!


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