The new shopping center Peck's Landing on the north side of town has announced the addition of two new stores opening later this year.

Taco John's and Happy Joe's will soon be opening at their new location at Blair's Ferry and Edgewood Road.

According to the Gazette, a spokesperson for Peck's Landing said “We expect to be able to announce two or three additional tenants for Peck’s Landing in the next 60 days,” he said. “The leasing has been going fairly well."

A new Farm Fleet store will also be going up in that neighborhood area in the near future.

Now the question is: what new stores might be coming next? Better yet what stores would YOU like to see open in Cedar Rapids?

There are still quite a few businesses that many shoppers would love to see here.

For dining how about a Portillo's? For coffee shops, how about Tim Horton's?

Let us know in the comments what store you would like to see come to Cedar Rapids.

[source: Gazette]

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