There is a new bar opening in Cedar Rapids with a very familiar name.

Mitzi Elbert, current owner of the Breakroom, is bringing Moose McDuffy's back to Cedar Rapids. She bought Grey's Pub last week and plans to roll it back to the original name and concept of Moose McDuffy's.

"The Moose" will feature an exciting pub atmosphere and will also have a more refined bar menu. She told me she wants to go back to the crazy days of when Randy Duffy owned the place.

"It was always a party when you walked in the Moose," Mitzi told me. "We want to go back in time and bring that vibe back here to Cedar Rapids."

The target date is early July for the reopening. Mitzi told me she hopes to have a grand opening event sometime in August. She said, "Be prepared to Get Loose with the Moose!"

I always loved going to the Moose back in the day.  I spent a good part of my 20's in that bar and have many fond memories.

I also enjoyed the great food that was featured at Grey's Pub. Both sets of owners did an awesome job with the place and now it's up to Mitzi Elbert to carry to torch.

We will continue to follow this story and provide updates as soon as we learn more information about the official opening day.

Good luck Mitzi, I love that you're bringing Moose McDuffy's back to Cedar Rapids!

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