Residents of Montezuma, Iowa have heard all the jokes a hundred times.

But it was really the case a couple weeks ago when a manhole of a city work project was left uncovered allowing about 7 inches of rain water that allowed raw sewage to backup into some homeowners basements.

The stink of raw sewage flooding into their home was bad enough, but residents are upset that city council members have done little so far to address the problem.

At least 14 homes were affected, and neighbors said they are seeking accountability from City Council members, who did not return calls from KCCI as of Saturday evening.

The small town's city council is expect to discuss the problem in it's meeting this week and residents hope they'll get the city's financial help needed to cleanup the mess.

According to KCRG, the cost of cleanup could run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Some homeowners are taking it in stride, and have commented that the incident has brought the community closer together.

Eldad Carin
Eldad Carin

[source: KCII, KCRG]

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