Mindy Vincent was trying to order some face masks last week and stumbled across a very unique style. As you can see in the picture, the mask features little penises all over the fabric. I didn't count, but it looks like about 50 of them.

Mindy Vincent Facebook
Mindy Vincent Facebook

I spoke with Mindy this morning and she told me, "I was tying to order some masks on Amazon. I saw these had penises and thought, this is SPECTACULAR, I must order some!"

Vincent lives in Heber, Utah, not far from Park City where the Olympics were held in 2002. She has a son and a daughter and works as an Executive Director.

She made the order, received the masks and that's when things got crazy. Vincent said she posted the picture to her personal Facebook page and it blew up from there.

Her post went viral and the comments were coming in from all over the country. She told me, "My son said this is the only time I am okay with my mom going viral for having dicks on her face!" 

Vincent decided to sell the masks because when they went viral everyone started asking for them. The last batch just went up for sale. In total, they've sold over 13,000 of them.

The charity that will benefit from this is the Utah Harm Reduction Coalition (UHRC), which according to their website, is a public health program dealing with substance abuse issues. They provide harm reduction services, treatment, education and advocacy throughout the state of Utah.

Vincent asked if I would like to receive one of the penis masks as she could ship one here to Iowa. I told her, "Not that there is anything wrong with your mask, but my KISS mask is working just fine."

I love that Mindy Vincent can have a little fun with this and raise some money for such a great cause. Let's hope they can sell another 13,000 masks.

Good stuff Mindy.

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