This week on the morning show we have been talking about the Quad City Deckmate Dancers because our studio helper Megan said she is going to try out for the 2023 season.

The Deckmates

The Deckmate Dancers are associated with the Quad City Steamwheelers Arena Football Team. Their season varies from March through August.


Click HERE for the Steamwheelers 2023 Game Schedule.

Documenting The Process

After hearing about Megan's decision to try out, we decided to document her tryout process for 3 reasons:

  1. We want to see her succeed.
  2. We will have a good laugh if/when she fails.
  3. She just might inspire a dancer somewhere.

There will be a 4 part series documenting the tryout process.

  • Episode 1: The Coach
  • Episode 2: Megan's Introduction
  • Episode 3: The Morning Show Thoughts
  • Episode 4: The Tryouts
  • We might even release a bonus episode, who knows?

Episode 1: The Coach

We interviewed the Dance Director, Mckenzy Miller, to get her take on the upcoming tryouts.

Here is Episode 1 of the series.


Episode 2: Megan's Introduction

Now that we have heard from the coach, we want to hear from Megan and see exactly why she wants to try out.

Here is Episode 2 of the series.

Tryouts are Sunday, December 11th.

Stay tuned this week for more episodes in the series! Episode 3 is the Dwyer & Michaels Morning Show reactions. That is an episode that will give you a good laugh!

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