Great news for Megadeth fans that live in southern Minnesota. According to MPRNEWS, "Megadeth bass player David Ellefson has opened up a coffee shop in Jackson, Minnesota."

Jackson is just thirty miles from my parents house. They live in Worthington, Minnesota. I drive past Jackson every time I travel home for the holidays. It looks like I FINALLY have a reason to stop in this quiet little town in the middle of nowhere.

Ellefson grew up in Jackson and told MPR, "It's a true honor to have a coffee brand in a shop on my hometown's main street." He hooked up with shop owner Susan Reiter and partnered with her to create a coffee blend called Urban Legend. Not only will the shop brew his coffee, but Dave also helped redesign the look and feel of the place. According to MPR, "It even features a special Museum of Deth."

Jackson is a very small town with a population of about 3,000 people. It's about a 4 hour drive from Cedar Rapids. This part of Minnesota is very wide open and surrounded mainly by farms. This new shop should cause a little excitement in this small Minnesota community!

I've always been a huge Megadeth fan, I couldn't be any happier to see that Dave is giving something back to his home town. I can't wait to check it out on my next trip home to see my wonderful parents.


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