MEDPHARM IOWA issues a press release to tell citizens that it is hosting a medical cannabis Press Conference today with Iowa Patients and experts supporting Senate file 2405.

MedPharm Iowa, is the only licensed manufacturer of medical cannabidiol in the state. The press conference is today Tuesday May 1, at 1:00 p.m. at the Iowa statehouse to discuss the importance and immediacy of passing Senate File 2405.

"As the legislative session is nearing a close, the fight to improve the medical cannabis laws in Iowa is more important than ever to make sure Iowa can serve the patients the program is intended to serve. Members of the media are invited to hear from Iowa patients and experts as they discuss the importance and immediacy of passing Senate File 2405. As the laws stand today, the program will not effectively treat the patients it was created to treat."


"The Senate, supported by the nearly 80 percent of Iowans who stand behind the medical cannabis program, continues to work diligently and in a bipartisan way towards fixing the program before session ends. House Speaker Upmeyer, however, continues to turn a blind eye to Iowans suffering with debilitating medical conditions, many of them being children and those with serious health issues. Despite indications she personally supported these changes, she continues to speak publicly against it, to the detriment of patients across Iowa. She continues to demonstrate that she is comfortable taking no action right now – when taking no action is inhumane and uncompassionate."

"The 2017 Medical Cannabidiol Act requires medical cannabidiol manufacturers to have product ready by December 1, 2018. As the state’s only medical cannabidiol manufacturer, MedPharm Iowa will provide great value to qualified patients, as well as to the state’s economy. MedPharm Iowa has made a large-scale investment in its cultivation operation and its commitment to providing the best products for patients, but its sustainability is entwined with that of state medical cannabis legislation. Urgent changes to legislation to actually serve the patients the program was designed to serve is imperative to the success of the program."


Source:, 515-249-4219

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