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An Iowa City man is facing multiple charges after authorities connected him to multiple firearms and shooting-related incidents in Iowa City and Coralville.

During an interview, 19-year-old Demtrick Byars admitted to being in possession of a rifle, and he added that it was believed to be stolen.

In further regards to the case, the site continues:

Investigators said they found multiple firearms, two homemade explosive devices, drug packaging materials, a digital scale and a bag of THC edibles in a search of a Coralville residence.

Byars is facing charges of trafficking in stolen weapons, possession of a controlled substance and two counts of possession of an incendiary or explosive device.

As to what Byars was planning to do with the explosives and guns -- those details have not been released to the public at this time.

According to Iowa Code § 712.5 pertaining to the possession of explosives:


Any person who shall so use fire or any incendiary or explosive device or material as to recklessly endanger the property or safety of another shall be guilty of a serious misdemeanor.

Per Iowa Code 724.16A, in regards to possessing the stolen firearms:

 person who knowingly transfers or acquires possession, or who facilitates the transfer, of a stolen firearm commits:

 a. A class “D” felony for a first offense.
 b. A class “C” felony for second and subsequent offenses or if the weapon is used in the commission of a public offense.
Should this be Byars' first charge as it relates to drug possession, he faces the following penalties according to
A first conviction is a serious misdemeanor. Penalties include a fine of between $315 and $1,875, up to one year in jail, or both.

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